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Weddings symbolize the beginning of your lives together.  It is an emotional time filled with big moments.  The day will go by way too quickly; you will want those big moments captured forever! Capture them in your photos!  Long after the cake is gone, your photos will continue to be a reminder of your special day and of your love for one another.  Please view the top 10 tips at the bottom of page for a successful photo shoot of your special day.

Top 10 Wedding Tips
  • Do an engagement shoot.  Even if you don’t use the photos for ‘Save the Date’ or an engagement album for your guests to sign, it’s a great way to work with the photographer before the wedding day.  It will help you to know what to expect when your special day comes; often little posing tips and tricks will emerge during the engagement photo shoot. 

  • If possible, at a minimum, have an onsite coordinator or better yet, a wedding planner. They can take care of so many details and alleviate a lot of the worries.  It can allow your day to go much smoother. Without a wedding planner or coordinator, the photographer or DJ can sometimes play the role but be sure that they are up to the task.

  • Purchase a nice hanger for your wedding dress.  It is a small detail but can make a big difference in the dress photo. 

  • Keep your ‘green room’ tidy.  This will make it so much nicer and easier with the photo shoot. You want to capture a great memory of you and your wedding party getting ready on your special day.

  • Consider doing a ‘First Look.’  It’s a great way to capture these emotional moments as well as providing a little bit of time together before the ceremony.  It can also free up the timeline so you can get the wedding party and family photos done, providing you more time to enjoy your reception.  If your ceremony is near sunset, it helps the timeline immensely.

  • If you are not doing a ‘First Look’, consider doing the photos of your large family groupings after the wedding ceremony.  Limit the photos before the ceremony to the immediate family and wedding party only. 

  • Strongly consider an ‘Unplugged Ceremony’.  No cellphones during the ceremony. Inform guests ahead of time on the invitation.  Have an attractive sign to remind them at the ceremony location.  You want to be able to look out over your guests and see their smiling faces, not the back of their phones.  So many great photos are ruined due to a bunch of little phone screens lighting up the image. 

  • Inform the people in advance that you want to remain after the ceremony for the group photos.  Family/group photos will go smoother and faster if planned and organized In advance. 

  • If you want beautiful sunset pictures, plan for it in your timeline.  You may be able to sneak out of the reception at some point, however remember that your presence is necessary during the toasts and speeches.

  • The photographer doesn’t need to be at the reception until the very end unless you are doing a ‘Send-off’.  There can be just so many dancing photos before they get repetitive.  However, that being said, don’t cheat yourself out of some great photos by permitting your photographer to leave too early.

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