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A professionally done portrait can make you stand out above the crowd.  Family portraits are a great way to watch your family and loved ones grow over the years.  For some product concepts  and ideas for how to use the photos see below.

Product concepts and other special ways to display your photos

  • Over the Years’ Photo Album- See your family grow from just the two of you and your puppy, to you two becoming parents with your little one growing up.

  • The ‘Photo Wall’ Gallery- Exhibit your family with framed prints or gallery wraps in a nice artistic collage on your wall.  Start with just one or two after the first shoot and add to it after each session.  Watch the art collage develop.


  • Gift your grandparents with a digital frame, updated with new photos after each photo shoot that display their grandchildren growing up through the years.


  • A personal photo app for your smart phone or pad can be a great way to have all your favorite professional photos easily accessible to show off to family and friends.

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